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SNAPSHOTS - Creating Spaces

  • Lion Harbour 2 Michael Fowler Centre (map)

Snapshot sessions give you a 'snapshot' of a range of awesome projects happening across the motu - and beyond!  You'll hear from all the presenters below, and there'll be a chance for questions and answers afterward.

The Matrix

The Matrix is a new program where we are looking to increase skills and be more informed with the help of outside professionals, which could be used for other youth groups looking to get into their communities. It's an 11 week program based on three streams: Health and Wellbeing, Community Participation, and Vocational/Employment.

Speakers come in to arm the class with up to date information, projects and tasks to broaden their horizons at home with their whanau and in their community. They connect with businesses in our communities to find opportunities for volunteer work, work experience, and the ultimate goal - paid employment. This helps our guys to be more independent and confident which empowers our guys to make good life decisions.

Henry King

Ian J Harper

Manaaki Ability Trust

"We Can Do It!": Immigrant youth organising against violence and discrimination

Violence and discrimination is pervasive in Aotearoa/New Zealand, which has the highest rates of reported family violence and highest rates of teen suicide in the OECD. Young women of colour often face multiple forms of violence and discrimination: in the family, in schools and in the wider community.

Building on from the work of immigrant women who set up Shakti in 1995, Shakti Youth have been working with 13-25 year old youth in schools and universities to open up safer spaces to have conversations and organise against gender, racial, religious and age-based discrimination and violence. While the focus has been on family violence prevention, the experience of migrant or refugee youth have to be contextualised in a wider context of structural violence. In working with youth through a community mobilisation and youth development model, Shakti Youth aims to break the intergenerational cycles of family violence and provide a community for youth who are isolated and alienated as migrants.

Mengzhu Fu

Emma Cho

Shakti Youth

Rolling into the future

PHAB has been changing the lives of young disabled people within New Zealand for 40 years, being the first organisation to offer social interaction for both able and disabled youth. We want to share our story of humble beginnings, the impact we are having now and our plans for the future. Showing how full youth participation and co-creation has worked for us, and how it can work for your organisation. Sharing the value of diversity and equality and how story telling is a powerful way to learn and reflect. The presentation will include side shows, a realistic timeline of co-creating projects, and a handout that has tips for storytelling and reflection.

Kerry Barnett

Josh Fulimono


Breathing space for youth wellbeing: arts participation, practices and principles

This presentation will illustrate powerful ways in which arts participation can support young people to flourish. It will draw from international evidence and my ongoing University of Auckland doctoral research exploring the possibilities of the arts for youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa.

In my research, youth participants aged 17-24 described how arts participation created breathing space from distressing life environments where they are constantly required to perform within prescriptive and exclusionary social norms. They described how creative processes enabled rare opportunities for imagination, optimism, self expression, self-determination, and for self-discovery. My presentation will share young people's thoughts about the important practices, processes and principles that enable these things to happen. It will argue that the arts should be taken seriously as a contributor to youth wellbeing, whilst also acknowledging the urgent need for social and economic transformation.

Amber Walls

Creative Collaborative and University of Auckland