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WORKSHOP - Southseas MYSTORY: Personal storytelling workshop

  • Frank Taplin Michael Fowler Centre (map)

Southseas MYSTORY

The MYSTORY personal storytelling workshop is an interactive workshop delivered based on the three modules of the 'head', the 'heart' and the 'hands'. Led by one facilitator (Southseas CEO Silao Visola-Sefo), and supported by our Team Leaders, the workshop will allow for up to 20 participants. Each Team Leader will work with groups of four to five participants.

At the heart of MYSTORY is that its foundations draw on the works of Professor Marshall Ganz of Harvard Business School around public narrative and organising, and the innovative approach developed by Southcentral Foundation's 'Nuka System of Care' (Anchorage, Alaska) which is heavily focused on community engagement and ownership and relationships.

The workshop has three key areas: The Art of Storytelling, Storytelling 101 and a Call to Action. The workshop is highly interactive with a range of speakers, and sharing in small huddle groups, with videos and plenty of information to keep participants informed and asking questions.

Silao Visola-Sefo

Solo Aiono

Shaun Tautali

Nonu Tuisamoa

Naoupu Tupuivao

Caleb Va'a

Tupu Petaia

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